IQF PEPPERS 2016-2017

Our land, the Region of Murcia, is characterized by a land rich in properties and an optimal climate for all types of vegetable cultivation, especially for pepper. This is how we achieve a superior quality in the production of our IQF peppers.

We have a traceability system that allows a transparent monitoring from the planting of the seed in the land along with the hiring of the farmers, passing through the collection according to the time of year, until finally bringing the raw material to the factory where they are made like cubes, strips, etc. and their subsequent freezing in IQF and packaging.

Product: IQF Peppers

Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Paint, tricolour

Transformations: Natural, Pre-fried and Grilled

Cuts: Cubes, strips, halves, bottoms

Packing: 2.5 kg to 1000 kg (totes)